26 February 2016

Zubigintza 2016 Corregida

Based on the meaning of zubigintza, building bridges, 2016 has started with the decision to maintain one of these bridges: since 2009 Orkestra and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa have worked together to support Gipuzkoa Sarean. Last Tuesday a meeting was held to officially launch the Zubigintza (Gipuzkoa Sarean laboratory for action research) programme  for 2016, which is based on that posed by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa (good governance and help for small firms).

The meeting gave the different members of Zubigintza the chance to comment on what they are working on and what they have planned for this year. The laboratory includes a diverse team. Mikel Navarro will participate as expert on smart specialisation and Paco Alburquerque will continue to address territorial development. Pablo Costamagna will contribute to the book in course on the role of the facilitator with a pedagogical approach and of action research, and James Karlsen will deal with the systemisation of action research in Gipuzkoa Sarean. Miren Estensoro will join to facilitation of workshops with the different actors and Miren Larrea will oversee the entire process.

Communication will be especially strong this year, thanks to the work of Maite Reizabal with both internal and external communication of the network, and that of Patricia Canto and Rakel Vázquez in the development of ways to communicate when looking at academic knowledge. An effort will also be made in coordinating other projects with the Basque Government, with the help of Mari Jose Aranguren, with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, with the help of Ainhoa Arrona, and with county development agencies with Henar Alcalde.

Gipuzkoa Sarean has the aim of constructing a new territorial development model for Gipuzkoa, based on a change in the relationships, which has been its objective since its beginnings.