Informe de Competitividad del País Vasco

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1. What structural conditions does the Basque Country have to face the current context of uncertainty?

Like all territories, the Basque Country is navigating a time of great uncertainty. The recovery after the pandemic is proving robust, but geopolitical circumstances can change radically from one day to the next, which requires a high degree of adaptability.

In this context, it is especially important to have a good understanding of the competitiveness foundations of the territory, as a source of strategic intelligence that helps us to guide the actions of firms, the administration and other competitiveness actors beyond the current situation. For this reason, the Basque Country Competitiveness Report 2022 takes an in-depth look at some key dimensions of these competitiveness foundations: our economic structure and our people (demographics and values).

Contexto estructural


2. Five transversal areas where action will strengthen the capacity to generate competitiveness and wellbeing 

By combining an analysis of the current competitiveness and wellbeing outcomes, the competitiveness levers and the structural context, the report identifies 5 priority cross-cutting actions to guide the activities of firms, governments, and other stakeholders to tackle upcoming challenges: 

  1. Foster the industrial leadership for a new sustainable competitiveness
  2. Strengthen people's capacities in line with the needs of the territory
  3. Work on the culture, capacity and orientation of innovation
  4. Strengthen the sophistication of the economic fabric to develop new specialisation niches
  5. Deepen the international connectivity of the economy and society

These actions can also be useful for other territories seeking to build resilient economic development and wellbeing in the sort and long-term.  


3. New updated version of the Regional Competitiveness Observatory

The Regional Competitiveness Observatory provides information on the dimensions that make up Orkestra's competitiveness framework for wellbeing. It collects data from more than 200 European regions and allows us to compare their position and evolution with respect to other regions, countries, or the European Union as a whole.

The data is updated in real time and allows us to consult various indicators presented in the Competitiveness Report.

observatorio regional

Regional Competitiveness Observatory

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