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Smart Business Lab

Companies and entrepreneurial initiatives are the pillars on which territorial competitiveness is based. Through their economic and social contribution to the territory, they guarantee the wellbeing of citizens. The Smart Business Lab studies how companies adapt to the challenges they face in relation to digital transformation, innovation, internationalisation and financing, which affect their competitiveness and business models.

Wellbeing Lab

The work of analysis and transformative research carried out in this Lab focuses on conceptualising and measuring key aspects related to people's wellbeing and on understanding how the policies and strategic decisions taken and promoted by companies, government and other agents in the territory influence and serve as an instrument for making progress in its improvement.

Energy and Environment Lab

The transformation of the energy system is a key element in the fight against climate change. This involves technological, regulatory, industrial and behavioural changes in key economic agents. The Energy and Environment Lab generates knowledge on three challenges and their connection with the competitiveness of the Basque Country: the energy transition and its implications; sustainable mobility; and environmental management.

Public Policy Lab

This Lab focuses on the system of actors and governance relationships that underline the collective strategies driven to achieve sustainable territorial competitiveness. It researches and works together with other actors in the system to analyse and improve institutions, governance and public policies.