• Orkestra Policy Briefs

    Orkestra Policy Briefs

    Our first Policy Brief is out! In Shared visioning as an approach to regional strategic foresight: The experience of Euskadi 2040 we present a shared visioning process to identify the competitiveness challenges of the Basque Country. 

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  • #BeyondCompetitiveness


    Miren Estensoro and Xabier Ochandiano look back and reflect on the evolution of BNL in their latest post "Bilbao Next Lab: 10 years of the urban competitiveness policy laboratory through action-research".

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  • Environmentally sustainable competitiveness

    Environmentally sustainable competitiveness

    The 2023 Basque Country Competitiveness Report analyses the transition to environmentally sustainable competitiveness in the Basque Country. 

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Transformative research for sustainable regional competitiveness.

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Regional Competitiveness Observatory

Our observatories are diagnostic tools that allow us to deepen and monitor the competitive situation of the Basque Country in different areas.

Compare the situation and evolution of more than 200 european regions regarding 40 key indicators using the most recent data available.

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