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1. How did we get here?

2021 estrategia territorial del pais vasco

Territorial strategy of the Basque
Country: lessons and challenges for the grand transitions

In this report we explore the key features of the Basque Territorial Strategy over the last decades and draw some lessons for other territories seeking to build long-term resilient economic development. In addition, we reflect on the new challenges we are facing in the post-COVID context.

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2. A new framework for analyzing territorial competitiveness

The socio-economic consequences of the pandemic and the need to address the three major (green, digital and socio-demographic) transitions underline the need to incorporate into our analysis dimensions that go beyond economic progress and that will lay the foundations for the analysis of competitiveness henceforth.

Therefore, our framework has evolved with the aim of promoting a territory’s competitiveness, thereby enabling inclusive and sustainable well-being for its citizens.

inclusividad conexion internacional


3. How are we doing in terms of competitiveness and wellbeing?

The analysis we have carried out in the 2021 Competitiveness Report shows that the Basque Country is a territory that has achieved high levels of life satisfaction and good economic and business performance.

In addition, the diagnosis of the competitiveness levers provides clues about where strategies and policies should be focused to bring about improvements.

The results of the Basque Country diagnosis were presented at the 2021 Competitiveness Conference. Click on the button on the right to see the highlights of the event and the keys of the report according to our expert voices.


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