Resilience before, during and after the pandemic

Informe Competitividad País Vasco

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented situation at the global level, not only as a health crisis but also as one of this century's greatest socioeconomic and humanitarian crises.

The impact is global but the effect on territories is heterogeneous; this has significant implications when it comes to managing the crisis and developing policy responses..

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate transitions that were already underway towards a greener, more digital economy and a better focus on social and health fundamentals.

Faced with a crisis that affects such a considerable number of sectors, value chains and businesses, the solutions adopted must be managed with this complexity in mind. This means that the solutions require a systemic strategy that goes beyond a series of individual reactions, in which coordination and synergies between actions will be of utmost importance to obtain the desired result for all actors in the Basque Country.

In this context, we have drawn up the Basque Country Competitiveness Report 2020 with the aim of supporting recovery or accompanying policies in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Basque Country Competitiveness Report 2020 provides answers to three questions:

  1. A look back at the state of competitiveness in the Basque Country before COVID-19, using Orkestra's competitiveness framework to respond to: Under what conditions are we facing the challenges associated with the pandemic?
  2. A look at the present and future, by analysing the specific vulnerability of the Basque economy in order to respond to: How has the pandemic affected us and how will it affect us?
  3. A look outside to understand what our competitors and partners in other regions are doing, to respond to: What can we learn from each other with other benchmark regions both in the short term to resist and in the medium to long term to rebuild?

The Basque Country Competitiveness Report 2020 aims to be a useful tool for taking decisions on immediate negative effects as well as a catalyst for opportunities to be included in the recovery agendas that are defined.

The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity, through the reinforcement and revision of our strategy as a territory, to rethink what changes are required in our economic model in order to successfully face not only the exit from the crisis but also a renewal of our competitiveness model. This will ensure the long-term economic strength and, in turn, the social welfare of the Basque Country. The aim is to go beyond the mere recovery of pre-crisis levels of employment and welfare, to define a model that is resilient to changes in the current and future environment and sustainable in the medium and long term.


Four in-depth studies that underpin the Basque Country Competitiveness Report 2020



The socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 in the Basque autonomous community

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Sectoral analysis of the potential impact and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

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Digitisation, in response to COVID-19

(Executive summary)

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European regions in the face of COVID-19: a comparative look at policy measures

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