PhD in Economics, University of the Basque Country, she is a senior researcher at Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness. She also lectures at Deusto Business School.

Her research area is mainly local economic development, territorial governance and multi-level coordination of competitiveness policies. Action research is the most commonly used approach in her work.

She has a professional background in local development, specifically in facilitating public-private and inter-firm collaboration through local development agencies. Her work with different entities like Fomin-BID, the European Comission, research centres and universities in Argentina and Norway is outstanding.

She currently leads and participates in several projects in collaboration with the Bilbao City Council, the Guipuzcoa Regional Agency or Goieki (Goierri district development agency),  among others. Several of her works have been published and she has given papers on her research at numerous international conferences.