PhD Cum Laude in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods (European Mention), University of Carlos III in Madrid. Doctoral stay at Copenhagen Business School in the Innovation and Organisational Economics (INO) Department. Master's degree in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods, University of Carlos III in Madrid. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, University of Burgos. She also has a background in the study of shared value strategy and took part in the Harvard Business School Executive programme "Creating Shared Value" (2016).

She has done research work at Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness and lectured on several Bachelor's and postgraduate programmes at Deusto Business School since 2011. She has formerly lectured in the Business Economics Department at the University of Carlos III in Madrid.

Her main focus areas centre on business strategy, where she coordinates various regional and international projects. More specifically, she studies topics related to open innovation strategy, organisational transformation and creating shared value strategies that promote business sustainability through models oriented towards satisfying social needs. During her career, she has spoken at numerous Spanish and international conferences and her work has been published in several high impact academic journals. She has a recognised six-year research period.