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(Sustainable) territorial competitiveness must be linked to the territory's real needs. Orkestra sees competitiveness as a means to guarantee people’s well being. This is the focus area of research at the Well being Lab, striving to fully integrate society as a whole into the fundamentals of competitiveness that serve well being.

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The transforming task of analysis and research conducted in this lab focuses on conceptualising and measuring key aspects related to people's well being and on understanding how the strategic policies and decisions made and promoted by business, government and other territorial agents impact and can be used to improve it.

The Well being Lab studies aspects of well being related to employment and access to quality work, education, inequality, social cohesion and the environment.

The lab works in constant cooperation and dialogue with research staff from other Spanish and international universities, together with the territorial agents which are considered the most relevant. These can be summarised as: firms, policy makers at different public administration levels, cluster associations, universities, technology centres, development agents and vocational training centres, in addition to social agents.

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