regional strategic foresight

 Mari Jose Aranguren, Ane Izulain, James Wilson
 Orkestra Policy Briefs 01/2024



Foresight has become a science dedicated not only to anticipating potential longterm trends or scenarios, but also to agreeing on desired or preferable futures and defining actions to build these futures from the present. Euskadi 2040 is a shared visioning process to identify what the competitiveness challenges of the Basque Country are and how they are changing, to build sustainable and inclusive wellbeing for the next generation. The process leading to the development of a shared vision for Basque competitiveness in 2040 has been developed in four phases over a period of two years. The main outcome of the process to date is a shared vision for the type of competitiveness desired for the Basque Country in 2040. The process has generated a range of learnings that may be relevant both for progress in the action stages of the Euskadi 2040 process and for other territories seeking to carry out similar regional foresight processes.