Collaborators: Ekonomiaren Garapen, Jasangarritasun eta Ingurumen Saila, Lehendakaritza


Competitiveness for the wellbeing of the Basque Country 2040: A reflexion for Action

Euskadi 2040 is a transformative research project that aims to identify how the competitiveness challenges of the Basque Country are evolving, to build a sustainable and inclusive competitiveness for the wellbeing model for the next generation, in a collaborative way, combining knowledge and efforts of all agents of the territory.

The project is part of a research process coordinated by the Basque Institute of Competitiveness-Orkestra, and in permanent contrast with public and private agents.

Euskadi 2040

Shared visioning as an approach to regional strategic foresight: The experience of Euskadi 2040

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What distinguishes Euskadi 2040 from other projects?

The process has several distinctive characteristics, that make Euskadi 2040 different from similar international experiences:

  • Evolutionary and realistic perspective,
  • Systemic character, for the common good (the aim is to advance in several wellbeing dimensions simultaneously, beyond a merely economic perspective),
  • Collaborative governance (academia-policymaker, multi-level governance, and with other territorial actors),
  • Combines reflexion and action.



JULY 2021


Bases to construct a model of competitiveness for the wellbeing

Synthetic document

Diagnosis Euskadi 2040 Vision: first proposal



First contrast phase

Vision and challenges
First version

Consultations with institutional and international agents



Second contrast phase

Vision and challenges
Second version

Consultations with public and private socioeconomic agents



Actions for a live strategy

Final document
Euskadi 2040

Vision and challenges
Targets and indicators
Governance model
Shared agenda



Additional information

Vision and challenges

A competitive Basque Country to improve the well-being of its citizens. A prosperous, innovative, connected, committed, inclusive and sustainable territory. A differentiated and reference place in Europe, attractive to live and to which to contribute.


To guarantee the economic sustainability of the welfare model and quality public services built to date, through the availability of employment and adequate income for everyone, encouraging the adaptation of capabilities (personal and institutional) to the challenges of future.


To base competitive advantage on the development of capacity for innovation, aimed at responding to the needs of society and the production system; innovation developed in all its forms and mechanisms and by all actors of the territory in collaboration.


To become a benchmark at the international level and being open to the world by sharing knowledge, finance and human capital, but always in a responsible manner and maintaining the uniqueness of the territory.


To maintain our own identity in a dynamic way, building a feeling of community; and have a high level of social, political and business commitment to the territory, addressing future challenges, from its singularity, with a proactive and co-responsible attitude through new models of collaborative governance.


To continue to combine economic competitiveness with social cohesion, addressing vertical inequalities (between those who have more and less) and horizontal inequalities (between different groups), and seeking a balance between the productive and care economy for all people, alongside quality public services.


To make substantial progress towards the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2040 through the effective decarbonisation of the economy in an economical and orderly manner, pivoting towards more sustainable models in both production and consumption.

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Targets and indicators

In order to take the shared vision into action, on the one hand, several targets have been identified, to increase the inspiring nature of the vision; and on the other hand, indicators, to track the levels of progress achieved.


ScopeTargetsBenchmark indicartor
Prosperous Territory with less than 6% unemployment Unemployment rate
(% active population)
Among the 10% of European regions with the highest per capita incomes GDP per capita (PPPs)
Inclusive Among the 10% of European regions with the lowest poverty rate Risk of poverty and exclusion rate Arope
Innovative Leading European region in innovation Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS)
Green Carbon neutral territory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Index (Base year 2005)
Committed This must be achieved with a growing commitment by all to the future of the Basque Country, respecting and supporting its uniqueness, and in a way that is increasingly open and interconnected with the world.




GDP per capita (PPPs) 32.782 Eustat-CCEE. Economic Accounts
Unemployment rate (% active population) 9,1 Eustat-PRA. Population in Relation to Activity Survey
Temporary employment rate (temporary employees / total number of employees) 23,8 INE-EPA. Labour Force Survey
Apparent productivity per worker (kPPA-€) 69,6 Eustat-CCEE. Economic Accounts
Percentage of population aged 25-34 who have completed tertiary education 66 INE-EPA. Labour Force Survey
Public debt of the General Administration of the Basque Country (%GDP) 13,7 GV. Department of Economy and Finance and Eustat for GDP data


Life expectancy 83,2 INE. Mortality indicators
School dropout rates 4,8 GV. Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Risk of poverty and exclusion rate Arope 15,9 INE-ECV. Living Conditions Survey
Gini Index 28,2 Eustat. Statistics on personal and family income
Gender Equality Index (GII) 73,1 Eustat. Gender Equality Index and EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality)
Birth rate per thousand inhabitants 6,7 INE. Birth rate indicators
Public health investment per inhabitant (€) 2.028 GV. Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare
Education investment per student (€) 9.868 GV. Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Social protection expenditure per capita (€ PPP) 9.464 Eustat. Social protection account
Average rate of youth emancipation 35,1 GV. Basque Youth Observatory


SMEs that are innovative (%) 38,8 Eustat. Innovation Survey
Sales of new or improved products in SMEs (% of sales) 13,2 Eustat. Innovation Survey
Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) 103,6 European Commission
Total R&D expenditure (% of GDP) 2,1 Eustat-R&D
Scientific publications in among the top 10% of the most internationally cited publications (%) 11,17 Eustat. European Innovation Scoreboard


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Index (Base year 2005) 64,5 GV. Environment
Urban waste recycling rate (%) 44,7 Eustat. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development indicators
Environmental goods and services sector GVA (% GDP) 1,8 Eustat. Environmental accounts. Environmental goods and services account
Final energy intensity [energy consumption (toe)/GDP (M€)]) 65 EVE. Basque Energy Agency
Share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption (%) 16,9 EVE. Basque Energy Agency


Trust in public institutions 4,5 Eustat-EBP. Personal Wellbeing Survey
Trust in people 6,4 Eustat-EBP. Personal Wellbeing Survey
Basque speaking population over 5 years of age 846.337 Eustat. Population and Housing Census and Statistics
Total entrepreneurial activity rate (TEA) 5,2 GEM. Global Enterpreneurship Monitor
Absenteeism from work 7,9 Randstad Research. Based on Labour Force Survey (LFS), Quarterly Survey of Labour Costs of the National Statistics Institute (INE)
Importance of work 62,3 EVS-European Values Study
Government quality index 0,97 European Commission


Commercial balance (% GDP) 7,1 Eustat-ECOMEX. Foreign Trade Statistics
Regular exporting enterprises (% of total enterprises that are companies) 12,1 ICEX España Export and Investment
Companies with foreign affiliates (%) 6,7 SABI. Iberian Balance Sheet Analysis System
Total number of H2020 projects 235  


Life satisfaction 7,7 ESS- European Social Survey
Human Development Index 0,937 Eustat. Human Development Index


Below we list some of the milestones of the project and the main research results that have been generated to date: