Leadership Cooperation Academia
 Sugden, R.; Valania, M.; Wilson, J. R.
 Sugden, R., Valania, M. and Wilson, J. R. (eds.)

English // ISSN: 978 1 78100 181 3 // Keywords: Academia, leadership, cooperation, roles, responsibilities, management, University


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Leadership and Cooperation in Academia focuses on the place and the role of universities in different societies, including their influence on the socio-economic development of those societies.

Across the world academic institutions are being questioned by their stakeholders and pressured to change. Answering these questions requires that academics and professional managers in universities think about their work, its value and organisation. The book highlights the need for space and stimulus to reflect on the responsibilities, roles and expectations that they identify for themselves, and that others place upon them – then, they might be better able to understand and to act. Similarly, policymakers and higher education commentators need the space and stimulus to reflect on the role of universities. This book will provide this space and an invaluable contribution to the stimulus. This innovative volume will be enriching to academics and professional managers who are interested in leading, managing and contributing in an academic environment.

Policymakers and higher education commentators concerned with the development and impacts of universities will also find plenty of insightful information in this timely study.

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