Usue Lorenz Erice, Mercedes Oleaga Páramo  
 Basque Institute of Competitiveness-Deusto Foundation



This work is based on recognition of the relevance of analysing regional priorities for regional competitiveness as a starting point to identify areas of business opportunity that arise at the crossroads of those priorities in the three territories that make up the Euroregion (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Euskadi, Navarre).These strategic priorities for innovation are identified in the respective research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3s) and aim to generate competitive advantages in the territory based on existing opportunities and strengths.The analysis tries to go beyond analysis of the strategies by seeking to understand the challenges facing RIS3 implementation in the cross-border ambit. The final objective pursued is to inform and provide evidence to reflect on the convergences and innovation challenges shared by the three regions and to contribute to the challenge of economic growth, relying on cross-border cooperation as a key factor in territorial competitiveness.