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 Sisti, E., & Zubiaurre, A.
 Journal of Regional Research, (2020/3) Vol. 48. pp 37-50

English // Keywords: Servitization; knowledge-intensive business services; innovation; typology




Territorial servitization is a topic of interest due its impact on regional growth and innovation. Considering that the formation of new KIBS is a good indicator of such TS process and with the aim of contributing to the empirical literature on this topic, this study analyses to what extent the ‘manufacturing quality’ and ‘innovation environment’ profiles determined the different types of new knowledge intensive business services (KIBS). The research tackles the creation of new KIBS in 17 Spanish regions for the period 2000 to 2016 in the respective regions. The results reveal that new KIBS were deeply affected by economic changes that happened as a result of the great 2008 crisis and some KIBS categories are more affected by the techno-economic environment than others.


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