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Entrepreneurial projects and initiatives form the pillars that support territorial competitiveness. Firms’ strategies and behaviour interact with their environment, thus determining their performance concerning productivity, innovation, job creation and their social and economic contribution to the territory. In this respect, firms guarantee the well being of people living in the territory.

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The Enterprise Lab studies business strategies and behaviour to understand and address the challenges faced by firms of different sizes and characteristics related to their competitiveness. Work and research are conducted with firms and other actors in the system to analyse these challenges and improve the ways they are addressed.

Some of the specific topics studied include internal areas that are strategic to the business such as innovation, internationalisation, financing and capacities or skills. Research at the Lab also covers collaborative strategies which go beyond the scope of individual firms. For instance, these may involve incorporating the firm in dynamic clusters, development of shared value strategies that move forward with the business commitment to the territory or building collaborative structures to promote the circular economy or open innovation.

The research in this lab is carried out under the parameters of what Orkestra defines as transforming research. The lab works in constant cooperation and dialogue with researchers from other Spanish and international research centres together with the territorial agents they consider key to the process. In summary, these are: firms, policy makers at different public administration levels, cluster associations, universities, technology centres, development agents and vocational training centres.

Research activity and projects

  • observatorio economico financiero

    Financial and Economic Observatory

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Previous projects

  • Competitiv’eko
  • Etorkizuna Eraikiz
  • Belaunaldi
  • Servitisation and Circular Economy Strategies
  • Enraizando Alava
  • Vocational Training and Smart Specialisation Strategies in Spanish Regions
  • Hidden champions
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    "Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry" - Download PDF


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Some actors that work with the lab

  • gobierno vasco
  • spri
  • ihobe
  • dipu gipuzkoa
  • dipu alava
  • bankia
  • bbk
  • Finantzen Euskal Institutua
  • interreg poctefa

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