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Business competitiveness and citizens’ well being are heavily dependent on the territorial environment in which both people and firms are located. This environment is supported by institutions, public policies and systemic relationships that are found and boosted in the territory. Moving forward with territorial competitiveness is therefore a group task that must be assumed and shared by each agent that forms part of this environment.

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The Public Policy and Institutions Lab focuses on the system formed by actors and the governance relationships that underscore group strategies promoted to reach sustainable territorial competitiveness. The lab conducts research and work with other system actors to analyse and improve institutions, governance and public policies.

It has specifically worked on clusters, innovation systems, Smart Specialisation Strategies (ris3), infrastructures, human capital and skills. Analysis and assessment of public policies in these areas are particularly important, as well as trying out policies oriented to guarantee territorial competitiveness.

The research in this lab is carried out under the parameters that Orkestra calls transforming research. The lab works in constant cooperation and dialogue with researchers from other Spanish and international research centres together with the territorial agents they consider key to the process. In summary, these are: firms, policy makers at different public administration levels, cluster associations, universities, technology centres, development agents and vocational training centres.

Research activity and projects

Previous projects

  • Enraizando Alava
  • RIS3 Alive
  • Vocational Training and Smart Specialisation in Spanish Regions
  • Manumix
  • Clusters3
    Featured publication:
    "Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry" - Download PDF


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Some actors that work with the lab

  • gobierno vasco
  • spri
  • innobasque
  • diputacion foral bizkaia2
  • dipu gipuzkoa
  • dipu alava
  • bilboko udala
  • bankia
  • bihartean
  • interreg
  • Comision Europea

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