Orkestra has analysed the digital startups ecosystem in the Basque Country and how driving-force companies, within their open innovation policies, are initiating relationships with this type of entrepreneurial projects. Would you like to find out more?


Digital Entrepreneurship in the Basque Country 2018

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Summary of the Report

Due to their particular contribution to open innovation strategies in the territory’s key firms, technology-based firms that arise in the Basque Country are the object of study. This context prompts good development of the digital entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Basque Country.

Summary of the Report

Start-ups and companies: Some keys to a successful relationship

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Case Study

RPK-Optimus 3D


Dannobat- Savvy publicado en Noticias de Gipuzkoa


Conclusion and recommendations

Digital Entrepreneuship in the Basque Country

  • Agustin Zubillaga | Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Alberto Ruiz de Olano | Optimus 3D | Digital Entrepreneurship

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