19 September 2017 

Enkarterri plan activacion

Orkestra’s research team, formed by its Director, Marijose Aranguren, James Wilson, Susana Franco, Mercedes Oleaga and Ainhoa Arrona are working with the Biscay Regional Council to set out the 2018-2019 Enkarterri Stimulus Plan.

On 20 September, the Regional Council implemented this process in collaboration with the Basque Government and the Enkarterri town halls. The aim is to set out a two-year plan that contributes to stimulating development in this district of Biscay which has been particularly hard hit by the crisis. This situation was included in the competitiveness diagnosis which was previously elaborated by Orkestra.

The process has been implemented through two discussion groups: one round table on economic growth and employment and another on connectivity and public services. These round tables, formed by mayors, Regional Council and Basque Government representatives, have been charged with the task of setting out the 12 measures that will comprise the 2018-19 Stimulus Plan. Koldo Saratxaga, of K2K Emocionando, Ignacio Quintana of Ihobe, Lola Elejalde of Innobasque and Mikel Álvarez Mondragon University will also take part as experts on the subject.

Orkestra is supporting the design and management of the process.

On 4 December, the mayors and Chairman of the Biscay Regional Council will meet to announce the specific measures that will be put into practice during the two-year period to improve the situation in the district.