26 october 2018

Presentacion libro Paco 7948

Paco Alburquerque, associate researcher at Orkestra, yesterday presented his new book, “Basic concepts of economics. In search of an ethical, social and environmental focus”. The book, part of the “Territorial Development” series edited jointly by Orkestra and the National Technological University's Rafaela Regional Faculty (UTN-FRRA), explains the economy from a systematic viewpoint, just as Mari Jose Aranguren, director of Orkestra and the author of the book's prologue, points out.

In this manner, Alburquerque highlights the importance of integrating an analysis of the economy in the social and environmental context of which it forms a part, so that economical development is carried out from an ethical perspective. To this end, it is necessary to understand the territory as an actor and not solely as a geographical entity..

Furthermore, Paco speaks of his trajectory, from how it had influenced him from the beginning to want to seek a vision of the economy that was more in-depth. He also wanted to thank all the assistants, among whom were agents from Gipuzkoa with whom he had worked, as well as members from the Provincial Council or development agencies, for the trust they placed in him.

The presentation of the book, therefore, served as a small homage to the researcher Pablo Costamagna, coordinator of Praxis, from the UTN-FRRA. He was not able to attend, but he did share a video highlighting the contribution of Paco's work to the trainning on Territorial Development.


Research Action for Territorial Development

The role of Paco Alburquerque was a determining factor for Orkestra to be able to be able to have today its own approximation to the research action, that of Resarch Action for Territorial Development. This is at the heart of several projects carried out by Orkestra, such Zubigintza, Bilbao Next Lab or Bizkaia Orekan. Miren Larrea, coordinator of Zubigintza and one of the backers of the line of reserach, pointed out that Orkestra has been been doing this kind of research for 10 years, and that the presentation of this book is a way of celebrating the fact.

The work of the researcher is now available on Okestra's website, as open-access, as is the rest of the series on Territorial Development. Patricia Canto, editor of the website, wanted to emphasise the fucntion of the collection to make the research accessible to the whole of society.

To access the book, click here.