8 June 2016
 The Kursaal. Avda. Zurriola 1. San Sebastian. From 10:00h to 12:15h

 especializacion inteligente

Okestra is collaborating in the event devoted to "Smart specialisation, an innovative strategy for the Basque Country". This will address developments in the RIS3 smart specialisation strategy in Europe, which covers three priorities (advanced manufacturing, bioscience-health and energy) and four areas of opportunity (food, cultural and creative industries, urban habitat and ecosystems).

Amongs the speakers, Kevin Morgan, senior associate researcher at Orkestra, professor at Cardiff University and advisor to the European Commission, will offer an external view of RIS3 deployment and execution in the Basque Country. Kevin has considerable experience examining regional systems and regional innovation strategies, and heads the Smartspec project of the seventh framework programme in which Orkestra is collaborating. His presentation will be based upon a report on 'Implementing RIS3: The Case of the Basque Country' which he is preparing with Mari José Aranguren and James Wilson, Orkestra researchers.

Also participating in the programme are:

Octavi Quintana (Director of the DG for Research and Innovation): he will outline the RIS3 strategy in Europe.
Pedro Miguel Echenique (Professor at the University of the Basque Country and president of DIPC): he will provide the perspective of a country supported by scientific research of excellence.
Arantxa Tapia (Basque Government Minister for Economic Development and Competitiveness) and José Esmoris (Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Steering Group): will address the role of steering groups.

The event is organised by Innobasque .

Attendance is free.

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