Collaborators: BBK Fundazioa


BBK Fundazioa contributing to the Sustainable Social Development of Bizkaiao al Desarrollo Social Sostenible de Bizkaia




Context analysis for Sustainable Social Development.
The BBK Foundation's contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This research project aims to support the BBK Foundation in the identification, selection and analysis of the key challenges for Sustainable Social Development that will mark its future actions.  

Implementation of an analysis methodology that materialises in the strategic alignment of the BBK Foundation towards sustainable development is therefore the central objective, together with the identification of differentiation opportunities in its scope of action.

This research forms part of a reflection-action process where Orkestra plays the role of knowledge co-creation agent, facilitating the process by deployment of the analyses results that are created during the project and boosting dynamics to promote joint reflection. 

Stages of the project

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Stage 1. Commitments to SSD in the Basque Country

Centred on detecting Basque aspirations for Sustainable Social Development and giving priority to the main challenges related to this area for Biscay that are to be led by the BBK Foundation.

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Stage 2. Diagnosis and adaptation of challenges

This consists of elaborating a diagnosis of the competitive prioritised challenges for Sustainable Social Development, as well as the BBK Foundation's role.

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Stage 3. Contrast

Contrast the challenges with the key agents in Biscay.

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Transversal lines

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The BBK Foundation’s role

The BBK Foundation’s role as a prescriber among its suppliers in Biscay’s social challenges will be examined.

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The work done throughout the project will be reported and shared, as well as the key concepts to ensure that it is understood.

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Previous project

BBK building shared value

Stage 1. Commitments to Sustainable Social Development in the Basque Country

Task 1. Multi-level diagnosis of commitments to Sustainable Social Development

The objective is to know the Sustainable Social Development programmes at the following levels: Basque Government, the historical territory of Biscay and regions, and finally complete it with the other challenges linked to competitiveness. Based on the above, the social and sustainability challenges being worked will be organised by the different areas. The key challenges will then be brought into focus for later analysis.

Task 2. Prioritise and select the challenges that will determine the institution’s actions in the Sustainable Social Development framework

Through working sessions and the use of inputs from the previous task, reflection and definition of 4 specific challenges for the province of Biscay. Orkestra will later conduct a diagnostic analysis of these 4 challenges.

Stage 2. The BBK Foundation and Biscay’s challenges for sustainable social development

Task 1. Diagnosis of challenges for competitive Sustainable Social Development

Orkestra will propose the elaboration of reports on the challenges and opportunities that the specific challenges imply for the historical territory of Biscay. These reports will include quantitative information sources, interviews with local and international experts, maps of actors and main milestones, as well as the benchmarking study of the reference regions which are addressing the selected challenges.

Task 2. Adaptation of challenges and collaboration with the ecosystem

Working sessions will be held to reflect on each challenge diagnosis from two approaches:

  • Their adaptation to the reality of the BBK Foundation
  • The way that the identified key actors are now acting

As a result of these sessions, differentiation areas will be pointed out, as well as the possibility of collaboration with other agents to increase the benefits for Biscay’s socio-economic progress.

Stage 3. Exercise to contrast and re-evaluate the results


Anchored within the premise of Sustainable Social Development as the process capable of satisfying present needs without compromising future generations' capacities, the BBK Foundation’s differentiator role proposal will be contrasted in a participatory meeting with the key agents from Biscay as well as internally in the BBK Foundation.

The role of foundations in the 21st century


As the cross-cutting pillar and feedback to the Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning process (tertiarised), the proposal focuses on the BBK Foundation's role as prescriber among its suppliers in Biscay's social challenges. The idea is to work on an incentivisation model of action implementation aligned with the social challenges. This specific thematic area related to aspects of change and new orientations, the role and actions of social foundations' in today's dynamic and transforming contexts will therefore be examined.

Socialisation and reporting on the project


Cross cutting the entire project, and in compliance with the BBK Foundation's concerns, the knowledge and general milestones will be socialised throughout the project.

According to the results of the project, the possibility of holding a session or public meeting to disseminate the progress made towards the objectives will be evaluated. This would focus on the Basque population, particularly in Biscay.