210034 competitividad empresa espanola
  Jaime Menéndez Sánchez, Jorge Fernández Gómez  
  Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto Foundation


This report reviews a set of case studies of local energy communities in several European countries, in Spain and in the Basque region. The main objectives of this study are (1) to clarify the concept of energy community, addressing key grey areas about it in the context of a complex regulatory framework of the electricity system as a whole and the objectives of decarbonization of the economy; (2) to present a framework of analysis applicable to the different case studies; and (3) to study some of the most interesting and advanced cases of energy communities which are being deployed in the European Union in order to draw conclusions about their typology and the main innovation trends that can be identified in the development of these new forms of organization of energy activities. In the final part of the report, a number of conclusions applicable to the case of the Basque Country are presented.