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 Jorge Fernández Gómez, Jaime Menéndez Sánchez
 Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto Foundation 


This report analyzes the possible evolution of the hydrogen transport infrastructure system in the Basque Country in the medium term. The objective of the work is threefold: (1) to characterize medium-term infrastructure development scenarios (over a 10-15 year horizon); (2) to identify key factors that influence the development of the Basque hydrogen system and analyze their potential impact on the determination of the medium-term scenario; (3) to draw conclusions of a strategic nature for the Basque Country.

The hydrogen production-transport system scenarios analyzed range from a totally decentralized scenario (with production infrastructures on site, at consumption facilities or in industrial hubs) to a totally centralized system designed on the basis of the current gas network.

The main conclusion of the report is that the optimal strategy in the short term from the point of view of the Basque Country involves supporting a rapid deployment of hydrogen in industrial hubs (Port of Bilbao area), while a wait-and-see position should be maintained to see how the sector develops in the coming years to advance in the configuration of infrastructures in the longer term.