1st October 2015

 debate europeo especializacion inteligente

Around 20 European researchers will take part in a seminar at the University of Deusto, organised by Orkestra and the University of Cardiff (UK), to analyse and discuss the implementation of smart specialisation strategies in European regions.

The group includes researchers involved in the 7th European Framework Programme on Smart Specialisation Strategies who, during 2 days, will discuss the role of governance, leadership, networks and relationships of each of the agents involved in the development and implementation of smart specialisation strategies, which drive the economic development and competitiveness of the territory.

During the first day of the seminar discussions will be centred around the type of governance and leadership that should be assumed by agents -firms, government, knowledge and civil society organisations- throughout the process, so as to be effective.

The second day will analyse the role of institutions and networks, as support instruments in the development and implementation of smart specialisation strategies. Furthermore, reflections will be made on the type of innovation policies that are needed to promote the implementation of these strategies within the territory.

Among the participating experts are: Kevin Morgan, professor at the University of Cardiff and coordinator of the 7th Framework Programme for the implementation of smart specialisation strategies, and a European reference in this field. Currently he studies the implementation of this strategy in the Basque Country; Inma Periañez, member of the S3 platform on smart specialisation at the European Commission; Phillip McCann, professor at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and precursor of the smart specialisation concept; David Charles, professor at the University of Lincoln (UK), as part of his research work he has studied the role of the Basque University in regional development. From Orkestra participation includes: Mikel Navarro, researcher and Professor of Economics at the University of Deusto who currently forms part of the European Commission's Mirror Group for smart specialisation; and James Wilson, researcher and coordinator of the research area that looks into this field, which is being developed within the Institute.