10th of July 2020

Bilbao AsFabrik steering committee

As-Fabrik Bilbao pursues the objective of improving the competitiveness of local companies and contributing to the consolidation of Zorrotzaurre as an innovative ecosystem of international reference in the field of KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services) for Industry 4.0 and the digital economy, sectors that are becoming more relevant since the pandemic.

The project began in November 2016 as an initiative within the framework of the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) programme and with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

During these four years, Orkestra has worked alongside a novel combination of public and private institutions together with its partners Bilbao Ekintza, Bilbao City Council, Mondragon Corporation, University of Mondragon, MIK, GAIA, IDOM and EIKEN.

In particular, Orkestra has coordinated 'The Advanced Services Observatory', carrying out the following tasks:

• Reports that review the state of the art in different technological fields and business models with relevance to advanced services
• Longitudinal monitoring of supply and demand indicators in advanced services in Bilbao, Bizkaia and the Basque Country
• Inventory of support instruments for the development of the KIBS sector in urban environments (based on benchmarking activities at the European level)
• Identification and support in the implementation of new opportunities in the field of advanced services

The next milestone for As-Fabrik will be to open its headquarters in Zorrotzaurre, in the so-called "BETA 2" building.

This will mark the beginning of another stage to turn As-Fabrik into a factory of advanced services for the Basque industry. The Beta 2 building, a public building with an industrial past that is currently being renovated, will mark the revitalisation of the island of Zorrotzaurre and will serve as a node for alliances between companies, universities, KIBS suppliers, start-ups in advanced services and manufacturing companies keen to adopt applications from the Industry 4.0 field.

At Orkestra we are committed to the development of advanced services and their incorporation as a competitive factor for our companies.