23 November 2018

Etorkizuna eraikiz asfabrik baja

Gipuzkoa’s development agencies that work within the Industry 4.0 project, promoted by Etorkizuna Eraikiz´s regional development laboratory, have visited Bilbao As Fabrik. This visit, which took place last 23 November, aimed to know about the initiative led by Bilbao City Council to consolidate the city and, particularly Zorrotzaurre, as an innovative benchmark ecosystem in the field of advanced services for 4.0 Industry; a project in which Orkestra participates as another partner jointly with the Council itself, Bilbao Ekintza, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, MIK, MCC, Eiken, Gaia and Idom.

The trip to Bilbao is part of the second phase of the 4.0 industry process for SMEs, which is also offered by Orkestra at the Regional development laboratory. The overall objective of these workshops is to support the facilitation capacities of development agencies. Hence, the workshops offered by the institute or initiatives like the visit last 23 November, aim to bring industrial SMEs closer to those actors or programmes that can support them to make the transition to 4.0.

“In addition to facilitating processes, Orkestra also contributes to joining forces, as in the case of different smart specialization processes in the Basque territory in which it collaborates. The aim is to generate mutual knowledge and learning and links that allow advancement in competitiveness across the territory”, as Miren Estensoro, an Orkestra researcher working in projects such as Bilbao Next Lab, Bilbao As Fabrik or Etorkizuna Eraikiz’s own Regional Development Laboratory pointed out.