2017 November 27

Marijo APD Informe

Mari Jose Aranguren, Director of Orkestra, presented the main conclusions of the Basque Country Competitiveness Report 2017, elaborated by Orkestra. These results were shared at the Basque Country Success Model Congress organised by the APD (Association for Management Progress).

Aranguren addressed the future challenges raised in the Competitiveness Report, emphasising the need to work on: creation of quality jobs; synergies between training and the job world; generational interconnection, boosting coexistence between youth and older people; innovation from the tax and social services perspective and links between economic development and social welfare policies. “All these points must be taken into account for the Basque welfare model’s sustainable development in the medium-long term", she stated.

In line with the ideas raised by Pedro Azpiazu, Councillor of Economics and the Treasury, Aranguren stated that "people are the key to progress in the Basque Country” and added, “the challenge we are facing at the present is the ageing population. Raising the retirement age is not enough. We must attract talent from abroad, encourage the education of our future generations and create quality jobs to retain our own talent".

Referring to the main conclusions of the Competitiveness Report, she mentioned the challenge that businesses are facing: tackling "ambidextrous" strategies that would balance exploitation-potential and exploration-resistance. This is needed to continue with their development, adapting to change and constantly identifying the opportunities that may arise. In this respect, she added that “there is a need to engage and support small business in the race towards innovation where the large and medium-sized firms are already competing".

She also mentioned the need for innovation in the public sector itself; the integration of clusters as drivers of our industrial fabric and the need to adapt and align the latter to the RIS3 strategy. Orkestra is taking an active part in research on this Basque Government project which is currently underway.