Annual Report

Orkestra promotes competitiveness for the inclusive and sustainable wellbeing of the Basque Country through transformative research. We provide rigorous analysis for decision-making and we work daily with our stakeholders to address real challenges.


A unique model

scientific articles and publications, 18 of them in high impact journals
We have incorporated the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) into our publications to increase their visibility and impact.
doctoral theses
downloads of reports
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We have also developed diagnosis tools that allow us to explore and monitor the Basque Country’s competitive situation in various areas. The main one is the Regional Competitiveness Observatory.

Regional Competitiveness Observatory

It compares the situation and evolution of European regions through 40 key indicators using the most recent data available. The aim of this tool is to foster improvement in the study of regional competitiveness by offering a starting point for different regional analyses that are conducted both within and outside the Institute.

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A unique model

A shared project

Orkestra is a success story of public and private cooperation. Promoted by the Basque Government within the University of Deusto, it has the support of the following entities, which provide stability to the institute and significantly collaborate in its development”.

In collaboration with these and many other relevant institutions, we promote transformative research projects on critical factors for competitiveness through our 4 research Labs: public policy, wellbeing, entrepreneurship, digital economy, energy and the environment.

research projects in collaboration with 98 institutions

ArantzazuLab   /   Basque Trade   /   Bilbao City Council   /   Donostia-San Sebastián City Council   /   European Commission   /   ELHABE   /   EJIE   /   Caixabank Dualiza   /   Goieki   /   Ihobe   /   Innobasque   /   Joint Research Center   /   Mondragon University   /   OCDE   /   Tecnalia   /   University of British Columbia   /   University of the Basque Country   /   Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council


A unique model

International positioning

We are an international benchmark as a research institute at the service of the region. We collaborate with a wide network of expert actors internationally with a twofold objective: to highlight the Basque competitiveness and wellbeing model and identify best practices to be applied in the Basque Country".

international projects with entitities such as the European Commission
international presentations
visits by international delegations to get to know our working model
partnerships with international universities and research institutes
active research networks encompassing the best institutions in the field of regional competitiveness

A unique model

Team of experts

We are a dynamic and committed team of professionals. Our people have extensive experience in territorial competitiveness. They participate in international events to position the institute's research findings and collaborate in teaching programmes, mainly at the University of Deusto”.

42 professionals

29 women

13 men

Meet the team

PhD and PhD students
participations in seminars and events

A unique model


We are drivers of change that promote the improvement of territorial competitiveness through knowledge transfer. In addition to working with universities and institutions worldwide, participating in research networks and publishing articles in high impact journals, we collaborate with the media to transfer the knowledge we generate to society”.

In 2023, this intense collaboration resulted in:

media citations
subscribers to our newsletters
social media followers
visits to our blog: #BeyondCompetitiveness