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 Stephanía Mosquera López, Jorge Fernández Gómez
Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto Foundation

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Advancing the decarbonization of the economy will involve deploying many renewable energy facilities and infrastructure in the coming years. Despite the socioeconomic and environmental
benefits of renewable projects, infrastructure deployment is hampered by opposition from the local population in the areas where the projects are located. This study analyzes the factors that influence the acceptance of renewable energy projects in local environments, the causes of the population's rejection, and the policies, measures, and strategies that can favor their deployment in those cases where the projects are economically and technically viable. Through a review of academic literature and case descriptions on the social acceptance of renewable energy projects in local environments, the main barriers and determinants of the acceptance and participation of the population in these projects are identified. We also draw conclusions and lessons learned that facilitate the development of barrier mitigation strategies and best practice guidelines for developers.