Patricia Canto, Mercedes Oleaga and Etorne Ugalde. With contributions from Jaime Menéndez. 
Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto Foundation

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The Model of Social and Labour Inclusion, a shared system of values, tools, activities and resources aimed at fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Basque Country, has been developing for over 40 years. However, an uncertain global context; the inclusion turn in global and local discourse; and the challenges and opportunities posed by the sustainable transitions, call for building a shared vision among public and private agents of the territory on the challenges that need to be addressed so that the Model can continue contributing to competitiveness for wellbeing in the Basque Country. This report, intended as an input for said dialogue, identifies a series of actions and a key role for EHLABE (the Basque association of non-profit entities that promote the social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities) as a facilitator of processes that enable them.