Collaborator: Bihartean cross-border chamber Iparralde-Gipuzkoa

Development and Support of the INTER-CLUSTER Cross-Border Collaboration

The aim is to promote and develop cluster collaboration practices in the cross-border & regional Euro Basque – Aquitaine setting from an open innovation perspective, promoting inter-cluster cross-border collaboration in strategic settings where business, technological and political interests of the Basque and Aquitaine regions meet.

The general aim is divided into two:

1. The identification of cross-border collaboration spaces:

  • Analysis of tecnhological convergance
  • Analysis of sectoral specialisation

2. Promote sustainable forums for cross-border dialogue:

  • Discovery of common interests (inter-clustering)
  • Seed of collaboration processes

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a sustainable strategy during the time that it supports the clusters to propel cross-border collaboration projects within the Aquitaine-Basque Euro region’s strategy, and in keeping with Europa 2020. The main aim is that cross-border cooperation is not just the result of chance, but also of strategy, and joint and shared methodology.