Collaborators: Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres, CESIS, Barakaldo (a través de Eretza), GAL SEPSI, The Institute for Housing and Urban Research, ICLEI, Metropolitan Research Institute, SUPPEDITO, TARKI Tarsadalomkutatasi Intezet Zrt, TU Delft, UP19, University of Tartu, Woonstichting De Key y The Young Foundation.


Young people's voices at the centre of Youth Policy

UPLIFT presentation

UPLIFT is a European project that explores how young people's voices can be placed at the centre of youth policy on access to housing, and its relationship with other social dimensions such as education and employment.


UPLIFT will examine the cases of 16 cities in Europe and the United Kingdom, including Barakaldo (Biscay) as the only municipality under study in the Basque Country and the rest of Spain, to gain a deeper understanding of the inequalities affecting young people. In addition to data analysis, the project methodology includes interviews and participatory workshops with policy makers and implementers, as well as events where policy recommendations will be codesigned by young people themselves.

Target audiences


We aim to put the voice of young people at the centre of youth policies.

Policy makers

Those responsible for the design and elaboration of policy proposals and policy implementers.

Other stakeholders in the region

Public-private institutions, non-governmental organisations, foundations, academic community and universities, among others.

Orkestra's role: we are committed to inclusive and sustainable competitiveness

Orkestra conceives competitiveness as a way of guaranteeing people's well-being and has a transformational research laboratory that studies dimensions of well-being related to employment and access to quality work, education, inequality, social cohesion and the environment.

In this regard, the Institute will contribute to the development of UPLIFT based on its extensive experience in research projects aimed at understanding how policies and strategic decisions taken and promoted by local and regional institutions, and the participation of other key actors in the region can influence and be decisive and effective instruments in improving the welfare of citizens.


Youth emancipation in the Basque Country and the reflective and co-creative participation in the elaboration of policies for this social collective

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Project objetives

  • Understand how inequalities among young people living in urban areas are generated and how their approach to social risks has changed over the last decade and during the current crisis generated by COVID-19.
  • Analyse local policies that influence urban inequalities and discover the interaction between these policies and young people's households.
  • Work hand in hand with the young people of the region to create a Reflective Policy Agenda in the field of access to housing and its relationship with other dimensions such as education, employment, and social protection and inclusion, among others; defining new policy approaches and better adapted to the dynamics of change in the communities.
  • Understand the conditions under which inequality occurs in different urban areas.
  • Understand the room for manoeuvre that local policies have within the different levels of governance and competences in the region.
  • Understand the interaction between households and local policies, as well as the lived experiences of their actors.
  • Understand the nature of the inequalities that most affect and impact on young people.
Entrevista grupo UPLIFT

UPLIFT seeks to provide solutions to the challenge of youth access to housing

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Unión Europea


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870898.