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Further Information: Crecer+ is an initiative of Orkestra whose aim is to obtain, through its network of investors, the necessary funding for start ups. It has more than 40 private investors. It is the only open and general investor network in the Basque Country that works with local entrepreneurs, as well as with those from other regions.

Crecer+ brings together corporate investors, individuals, family offices and investor groups from the Basque Country in a global network.


  • Identify and prepare projects to be able to bring in investment (“Investment ready”)
  • Close funding rounds among the members of its network
  • Co-invest with networks from other regions where we also provide international contacts
  • Create a space that is accessible to entrepreneurs, and that they can identify as a source of funding, guidance, contacts…

BAC+ is a member of AEBAN (Asociación Española Business Angels [Spanish Business Angels Association])- Spanish networks- and EBAN (European Business Angels Network)- European networks.

Distinguishing factors

Crecer+ has a work programme with each company that is present at its forums with the aim of preparing them for the investor mindset.

Furthermore, Crecer+ works with investors and entrepreneurs and participates in meetings after the forums in order to aid closeness, negotiation, and secure of funding.

It has been involved in more than 13 projects and investments of 3.5 million euros.