Colaborators: Basque Government - Lehendakaritza

RIS3 Vivo

Orkestra has worked in an advisory capacity with the Basque Government since 2013 to define and implement a research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation RIS3 (Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies) for the Basque Country.

This work also involves prompting reflection on cluster policy, clusters and their relationship to strategy.

The RIS3 Alive project intends to strengthen continuous and constructive reflection to improve the ris3 implementation process in the Basque Country. With this aim in mind, work concentrates on three main areas:

  • Reflection and systematisation of RIS3 development that serves to transfer it to the Basque Country's key agents and to position this region as a benchmark in implementation of the strategy in Europe.
  • Continuously study state of the art in RIS3 in the international scope as support for its correct implementation in the Basque Country.
  • Competitiveness analyses and diagnostics needed to design and monitor the RIS3.

The connection between the three areas allows us to identify the new challenges that the RIS3 development process raises. Three policy briefs on said challenges have been elaborated and can be accessed below.



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