210034 competitividad empresa espanola
  Roberto Horta (Coordinator)   
  Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto Foundation


This paper brings together a set of contributions related to the future of the post COVID-19 pandemic employment landscape from an interdisciplinary perspective in various Latin American regions. It examines the major problems of informality in the region and strategies to overcome them, including the advantages of the circular economy as a way to generate green jobs, the importance of human capital as a competitive advantage and the development of new skills. It also conducts a case-based reflection on decent employment and the social and solidarity economy. The various contributions show concern for the large number of unemployed people or people in precarious economic, social and ethical conditions, which are not new, but have been aggravated by the crisis in recent years. Furthermore, a wide range of ideas and proposals are put forward to achieve more dignified employment in the future.