formacion desarrollo territorial
 Edited by Miren Larrea
 Bilbao: Publicaciones Deusto

      ISBN 978-84-1325-148-6




The purpose of this book is twofold. Firstly, we want to share with those who read it what action research for territorial development (RTDT) is today. In addition, we want this book to contribute to consolidate the community that we have been developing since 2008 to promote RTDT in the multi-local space formed by Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness (Basque Country, Spain), the University of Agder (Norway), Praxis (Rafaela, Argentina) and the University of Tierra del Fuego. The backbone of the book are ten chapters written by members of this community linked to IADT. In each of them we share the debates we are currently addressing.

Note to readers

This edition is a translation of the book we published under the title Roots and Wings of Action Research for Territorial Development. Connecting local transformation and international collaborative learning in 2020. At that time our aim was to write a book in which different languages coexisted, and we each chose which one we wanted to write in. These contents came out in 2020 in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with summaries in Basque, Norwegian, German and French. Our desire was to raise awareness that action research across the world is done in a variety of cultural contexts and in multiple languages, and that many of these languages disappear when action research reaches the academic arena. We were aware at the time that people reading the book might not understand some of its contents. This discomfort was part of the process of reflection we wanted to provoke. However, we also decided to translate its contents. In this edition, in which again two languages coexist, we share the chapters that in 2020 were published in English, translated into Spanish, and those that were published in Spanish, translated into English.