23rd-27th May 2016

Reflections from 'Methods in Participatory and Interactive Research' course students

Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness hosted, from May 23-27, the second part of a course entitled ‘Methods in Participatory and Interactive Research’ organised in collaboration with University of Agder and directed at doctoral students. The objective of the course was a reflection upon theorisation based on data generated in interactive processes and upon how the resulting theory might help to resolve the problems posed in a territory.

The idea behind holding the second part in San Sebastian is closely related to the objective of attaining first-hand knowledge of, among others, one of the projects in which the Institute is collaborating with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa: Gipuzkoa Sarean. The participants, who were already familiar with the case, had the opportunity to visit the Council to speak and debate with the project policy makers.

On the basis of all they had learnt about Gipuzkoa Sarean, two of the doctoral students shared with us their reflections and learning: