3rd October 2016

Orkestra UNTF Firman acuerdo Aprendiendo de las diferencias

With this agreement, the institute further develops its strategy of learning from differences. Since 2012, this has formed part of a process that seeks collaboration between different institutes and universities interested in building methodologies for transformative research.

The collaboration has been developed by means of collaboration agreements with the University of Agder (Norway), the Praxis Institute of the Rafaela National Technological University (Argentina) and the Institute of Competitiveness of the Catholic University of Uruguay (Uruguay). The collaboration has been translated above all into mobility of researchers and to a lesser degree into projects with stakeholders.

The network has recently incorporated the National University of Tierra de Fuego. In July its contact person henceforth, Silvina Romano, completed her two-year stay as doctoral student at Orkestra. Last week Miren Larrea and Pablo Costamagna took part first in Rafaela and subsequently in Ushuaia in meetings with institutional representatives of Rafaela National Technological University and the National University of Tierra de Fuego in order to strengthen the relations established.