2nd june 2017

Agentzien eta aldundiaren arteko hitzarmen sinadura

This morning the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the county development agencies signed an agreement formalising their collaboration framework. The agreement is also important for Orkestra, given that the institute’s action research laboratory, Zubigintza, has facilitated the spaces that are consolidated in the aforementioned agreement.

“Making spaces formal means that what has been worked upon at research level leaves the laboratory and is transformed into policy”, explained Miren Larrea, coordinator of Zubigintza. Therefore, from the research perspective too, the signing of the agreement is a significant landmark.
Three spaces have been formalised: Eskualde Arteko Mahaia (Inter-county Table), formed by directors and presidents of the agencies and members of the Provincial Council, focussed on advancing in governance and defining priorities in territorial policies; Fazilitadoreen Mahaia (Facilitators’ Table), a working space with the participation of experts from the agencies and the Provincial Council, intended to generate capacities; and Talde Eragilea (Promoter Group), comprised of members of the President of the Regional Council’s Cabinet and of the department for Economic Promotion, responsible for coordinating the project.

All of this within the framework of Gipuzkoa Sarean, a project set up in 2009 with the goal of improving social capital and territorial competitiveness. It is gradually progressing in the search for a new model of governance, mainly for the increased efficiency of economic promotion policies via collaboration. Action research has been the basis of the entire process.