2019 September 30

Larrea Aranguren Legebiltzarra

The challenges of climate change, digitisation and ageing require working collaboratively to provide effective solutions that ensure the well-being and competitiveness of the territory.

In this regard, Mari Jose Aranguren, general director, and Miren Larrea, researcher at Orkestra, presented their paper entitled “Desarrollo territorial: la transición desde la multiplicidad de gobernanzas hacia la gobernanza multinivel "to the Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure.

“It is a way of working, of organising ourselves in society”; “based on these collective capacities of the territory, solutions must be found"

Thus, they explained to the committee the work that the Institute has been carrying out over the last 12 years from the point of view of collaborative governance among various actors to facilitate an inclusive development model. As Mari Jose Aranguren pointed out in her presentation, “It is a way of working, of organising ourselves in society,” and she stressed the importance of promoting this type of governance in the Basque Country in line with the territory's commitment to promoting an inclusive economic and social model.

In turn, Miren Larrea presented the main lessons learned from the cases in which Orkestra has collaborated during this time with the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, the Bilbao City Council and the Biscay Provincial Council under the action-research methodology.Based on the knowledge acquired over this time, she talked about the importance of “valuing the role of the other and recognising the ability to think strategically” in order to build a governance model geared towards providing solutions in an effective and consensual manner.

Larrea also added that it is necessary to “understand what the collective capacities of the territory are in each place,” but pointed out that “they are not the same as each person’s individual capacities or the collective capacities of each organisation.” She also underlined that “based on these collective capacities of the territory, solutions must be found to problems such as climate change, digitisation or ageing ”.

In her presentation, Larrea said that "the strategy is built by learning, but you learn by doing and learn from action." She explained to the Committee the methodology that the Institute has been applying based on reflection and action to help the strategy emerge collectively, while providing solutions to complex situations.