27th of September 2019

Orkestra will analyse data relating to electricity consumption and costs on the basis of a representative sample of more than 700 power supply points, chiefly in industrial companies. The data has been provided by Grupo ASE, the largest independent energy aggregator in Spain, based in Bilbao.

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Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness at the University of Deusto and Grupo ASE have begun to work in collaboration so as to gain a deeper understanding of the costs of electric energy for Basque industry. To this end, an agreement has been signed within the framework of a study entitled ‘Electricity prices in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country’, which will be conducted on the basis of real information relating to electricity costs and consumptions, provided by Grupo ASE.

Data analysis will enable the evolution of consumption and energy costs to be studied according to customer type, economic activity, geographical location or supply voltage.

Orkestra will work on the publication regarding "Electricity prices in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country"

The sample that Orkestra will examine is an anonymised database, with information on 732 high voltage supply points over the last five years. As an independent energy aggregator, Grupo ASE manages all these supplies, provided by different electricity companies with different types of contracts. The information on the companies’ costs and consumption is detailed and accurate.

Thus, the study aims to reveal the evolution of prices over time and their variation depending on the different study variables. Among which, there are those relating to the price of electricity or those associated with variation in prices and the structure of tariffs.

Phases of the study

The study will be carried out in two foreseeable phases. The first phase will produce a document analysing the evolution of the consumption, costs and utilization of the power contracted by the companies. All of these elements are examined at the level of autonomous community, historical territory, customer type, sector of activity, etc. Similarly, the impact of the voltage level on the cost of electricity will be evaluated.

In the second phase, Orkestra plans to analyse the industry’s consumption profiles by studying the relationship between them and energy costs. Power profiles, shifting energy from peak times to different times and the impact on costs of such changes to the power contracted will also be examined.

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