27 June 2018

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Filippo Barbera, lecturer on local development and theory of applied sociology at the University of Turin, visited Orkestra as part of the Belaunaldi project. This initiative was started by Orkestra jointly with AFM, the machine tool cluster, and with the support of the Guipuzcoa Provincial Council.

On Wednesday, 20 June, the Elgoibar Machine Tool Institute hosted the Belaunaldi workshop led by Filippo Barbera. The aim was to work on everything related to generational replacement and the challenges that advanced manufacturing firms must tackle due to ageing employees.

Three of the cluster's firms are currently participating in this pilot experience on the Belaunaldi project, implemented by Orkestra jointly with AFM and the support of the Guipuzcoa Provincial Council.

This project aims to conduct a diagnostic of each of the participating firm's situations and prepare a proposal for intervention and recommendations for each case. It also focuses on finding out the bemchmarking organisational models that adress this change succesfully, looking to share and reflect on each case.

Filippo Barbera is an expert on market sociology and economic sociology of capitalism. Lecturer on local development and theory of applied sociology at the University of Turin, he has broad experience in fields related to local development, governance and social innovation.

The central point of the meeting with Filippo was to find out the results of the qualitative network analysis that he is conducting in collaboration with Orkestra, in addition to his knowledge and vision of the organisational models of firms which are succesfully dealing with the challenge of ageing employees and generational replacement. In line with the objectives of Belaunaldi, Filippo had access to case studies that form part of the project. This enabled him to make contributions to improve and advance in generational replacement at these types os firms.

At Orkestra, we had the opportunity to speak to Filippo and ask about his views on generational replacement.