6 March 2018

BBK Orkestra baja


The agreement signed with the BBK focuses on supporting its positioning as a benchmark agent in socioeconomic progress.

Mari Jose Aranguren, general director of Orkestra, and Gorka Martínez, general manager of the BBK, signed an agreement for joint work on the definition and development of a strategy to enable the entity to become a benchmark agent in social progress, change and development.

The main objective of this agreement consists of identification and work on the strategic levers that the BBK impacts. In this manner, it will form part of the bank's social engagement. Through Orkestra’s design, development and drive, all the agents involved in the process, both internal and external, will be encouraged to jointly reflect on adoption of a shared value strategy that centres the BBK’s philosophy, values, aims and actions on social aspects.

Orkestra will work from an interactive research approach to ensure the proper development and achievement of the objectives set for this process. This model alternates spaces for reflection and action. Joint learning is thus generated among all the people involved during the entire project, from its definition stage to the dissemination of results.

Shared Value

Shared value creation is a proposal that was put forth by Prof. Michael E. Porter of Harvard University and honorary president of Orkestra. His idea implies a shift in the society-business relationship. This is a transformation of business culture that integrates the social environment where it acts. Companies therefore lend themselves to aspects like the following: Re-think products/services and serve potential customers (groups which have been neglected by traditional business); improve value chain efficiency in terms of resource use, logistics or supplier training as well as the local business environment, among others.

This dichotomy between business and society is based on integration of social aspects in business organisations. Nevertheless, it may be developed in many different ways and must adapt to the local reality.

Orkestra has worked to drive shared value projects in the Basque region since 2016, both at the business as well as institutional level.