21 November 2017

BYEF Susana Franco Empleo

“Employability is everyone’s responsibility: firms, governments and knowledge agents. We must continue working to connect employment policies with social and educational policies”, remarked Susana Franco, a researcher with Orkestra, at the yearly BYEF Youth Job Forum held by the Novia Salcedo Foundation.

During her talk, Susana Franco mentioned the need to adapt curricula to the new real-life situation of business and institutions. In this respect, Franco made reference to work on the employability model for young people in the Basque Country, underscoring the need to work on training “that helps youth to develop cross-cutting capacities and adapt to different disciplines, which requires bringing them closer to the job world and fostering these capacities at different educational levels jointly with firms".

This reflection is related to some of the main conclusions drawn from the aforementioned report, which highlights the need for constant work on innovative competences- creativity, security and entrepreneurial and leadership skills among young people.

Franco also made reference to integration of the young on the job market. She pointed out that internal intergenerational connection spaces must be sought, where young and old can share knowledge in a way that will guarantee generational replacement that will continue over time and contribute to improving business and/or institutional development.

Not only should youth employment and employability be linked to business and economic growth as an end in itself, but must be perceived as a social transformation that includes co-responsibility, solidarity and engagement. Along these lines, the study on youth employability in the Basque Country showed that many young people aspire to positions where they can develop their capacities. It is vital to take advantage of this interest and potential and take their opinions and knowledge into account to lead this social transformation that would guarantee people's welfare in a sustainable manner.