3 October 2017  

Ihobe Orkestra firma acuerdo

The Basque public company Ihobe and Orkestra have signed an agreement to collaborate in the area of sustainability and circular economy to foster competitiveness and create new business opportunities among Basque Country firms.

One of the first actions resulting from this agreement signed in Bilbao by the Director of Ihobe, Jesús Losada and the Director of Orkestra, Mari Jose Aranguren, will consist of preparing a study to detect potential opportunities for Basque Firms.

Orkestra will interview management executives from business organisations and existing clusters in the Basque Country to conduct the analysis. The aim is to obtain a vision of the degree to which “environmental value” is integrated in terms of opportunities and strategies in the various business sectors.

“The agreement is framed in the new circular economy model that the European Union is driving, in which the environment becomes a key competitiveness factor due to the enormous potential saving for firms on resources and raw material costs. This model is seen as a real source of economic opportunities at all levels of authority. It is expected to boost the creation of innovative firms, development of entrepreneurship and the creation of green jobs" stated Jesús Losada, Director of Ihobe.

Mari Jose Aranguren, Director of Orkestra, added “ our business ecosystem offers clear development opportunities in the circular economy area that can contribute to improving the territory's development. At Orkestra, we intend to spur the process from a transforming research perspective and facilitate the integration of the necessary elements to develop more efficient industry, from both the productivity as well as the environmental points of view”.

The agreement will be revised every six months and its main aim will be promoting achievement of the Basque Government's environmental policy objectives in terms of the circular economy and its relationship with business competitiveness.