Usue Lorenz PEQUEÑA

Senior Technician

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Usue Lorenz, senior technician at Orkestra, has a Degree in Economic and Business Science, specializing in International Management, and completed her training with a Master's Degree in International Management and various courses related to the competitiveness of regions (courses and conferences related to innovation, regional development and European innovation programmes).

During her career she has developed as a consultor and advisor to a wide range of industries and public administrations in fields such as internationalization, strategy and R+D.

Currently, her goal at Orkestra is to contribute to the increase in the impact of research in our immediate environment and its international presence. To that end she carries out, in the context of specific projects with stakeholders, tasks of value for the academic results of the institute and contributes to the creation of new knowledge. She is also the technical strategic project manager, as well as the manager of innovation processes.