Macarena Larrea




Macarena Larrea, Researcher at Orkestra, holds a Ph.D. in Business Fostering and Development from the University of the Basque Country, she wrote her thesis on the “Internalization of the External Costs of Electricity Production”.

Macarena has participated in projects whose goal includes the progress of energy policies regarding the challenges for the future, especially in the area of electricity, which covers the energy taxation system and reform of electricity in Spain. She has also taken part in various projects together with public institutes of the Basque Country.

She has a Master's Degree in Management of Port and Maritime Businesses run by the University of Deusto in conjunction with the Basque Country School of Maritime Administration, and has a Degree in Business Administration and Management, specializing in Logistics and Technology.

She was awarded a Professional Qualification grant in the areas of European Matters and Inter-regional Cooperation from the Basque Country General Secretariat of External Action.