Research facilitator

Carla Peletier, research facilitator at Orkestra, completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Upon finishing her last year of study at Dauphine University in Paris, she was awarded a double degree in Applied Economics (Dauphine University). She also has a Master's degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade, ALITER International Business School.

She embarked on her career in European institutions, working for two years in the European Investment Bank's Operations Department, in Luxembourg. When she later returned to Spain, she joined Accenture to work as a consultant, where she remained for nearly six years. Her main tasks as a consultant focused on technology implementation projects management in the finance sector.

She currently forms part of Orkestra's Digital Economy Lab whose main focus area is the relationship between the region's territorial competitiveness and the digital transformation process that is taking place in the economy and society. Thus, her research focuses on subjects like digital cluster organisation, the innovation industry or IECTs, among other digitalisation-related aspects.