4.3.4. Summary of business environment indicators

In the analysis of business environment indicators, we first analysed a set of indicators related to human resources. We can see that the Basque Country ranks low in human resources employed in science and technology in comparison with the comparable regions. The Basque Country is in a weaker position in terms of the training and education level for the population aged 25–64, largely due to poor performance in training and education among the highest age bands. Strong performance in tertiary education is offset by high levels of overqualification and high youth unemployment rates, including those with tertiary education.

Secondly, as regards to R&D, the figures for R&D personnel are positive, but those for expenditure are less so, a considerable distance from those for Germany. In scientific publications in collaboration with foreign facilities, we find positive growth and an average situation in comparison with the comparable regions. However, the Basque Country’s position is not as strong in collaboration with industry, which has dropped in recent years, with ample margin for improvement.

Lastly, as proxies for the sophistication of demand related to Internet use, the Basque Country ranks well in the households with broadband access indicator, but its position is weaker in terms of online shopping.