3. Intermediate performance

We will now discuss the intermediate performance indicators, those which contribute to achieving the final outcomes presented in the previous section. These indicators include elements related to employment and unemployment, productivity, net migration and innovation outcomes. The indicators are analysed in the following subsections, along with an additional analysis of certain indicators which are available for the Basque Country and as totals for Spain, Germany and the EU-28, but not for European regions as a group. Thus, in the first subsection we analyse the results in terms of trends in employment, as positive economic outcomes will only extend to the population as a whole if they are achieved by means of job creation and the resulting reduction in unemployment. If the economy is able to generate jobs, this will translate into a positive trend in net migration, as this is closely linked to the economic situation. Job creation will depend on firms being able to increase their foreign sales and will be reflected in flows of foreign direct investment. For this reason, internationalisation outcomes are also analysed in one of the subsections. These outcomes will in turn be the result of higher productivity, which depends on the results achieved in terms of innovation.